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We have a delightful selection of catering options that will satisfy any palate.

Hor d'oeuvres

Smoke Salmon Cristini's

Ground Turkey Rotel Cheese Dip

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Garlic Roasted Spinach Dip

Cajun Seafood Pasta 


Caesar Salad  $29.99

Romaine Lettuce, shredded parmesan and crunchy croutons tossed with a zesty Caesar dressing. Serves 12-14 (individual servings or large serving container)

Spring Salad $29.99

Mixed greens tossed with shredded cheese, grape tomatoes, purple onions, crispy onions, and tortilla strips with choice of dressing. Serves 12-14 (individual servings or large serving container)

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, & Onions $39.99

Fresh cut tomatoes, cucumbers and purple onions based in Zesty Italian Dressing. Serves 12-14 (individual serving or large serving container)


Key Lime or Strawberry Parfait

Cheese Cake





Fresh Fruits    $49.99
Colorful display of seasonal favorites. Serves 12-14

Cubed Cheese   $39.99

Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Monterey Jack, & Colby Jack

Specialty Cheeses   $59.99

The classics. Brie, Gouda, Munster, Blue Cheese, Sharp Cheddar, Swiss.

Fresh Vegetables   $39.99

Crisp, healthy, farm-fresh veggies...the best of the season! Includes ranch dressing.

Deviled Eggs   $39.99

24 creamy deviled egg halves sprinkled with paprika. Serves 12-16

Assorted Wings   $52.99 (50) 

Fried or Roasted tenderly seasoned and tossed in a choice of delectable sauces.

Choice of favors: Mild Buffalo, Hot Buffalo, Garlic Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Barbeque, Parmesan Ranch

Tea Sandwiches   $29.99

Bite-size Turkey & Ham with cheese on white or wheat bread. Serves 12-16

Turkey or Ham Pinwheels   $29.99

Turkey or Ham with cheese, lettuce & cream cheese spread. Serves 6-8

Sandwich Wedges   $32.99

Chicken or Tuna Salad on white or wheat or a combination. Serves 12-16

Charcuterie Board $99.99 

Assorted Cheeses, Assorted Deli Meats, Fresh Fruit, Assorted Crackers, Cream Cheese Spreads, Honey & Jams, Trail Mixes, and 

Meatballs $ 59.99

Ground Turkey or Beef, garlic, onion, and herb seasoning​. Serves 18-20

Taco or Mashed Potato Bar $125.99- $159.99

Taco Bar: Ground Turkey or Cilantro Lime Chicken 

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