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Interior Design & Home Staging Service Pricing

All our services are quoted based on size, scope, complexity, and skills required to achieve our objectives. We provide different pricing options that will suit any budget. Your choice range from by the Plan to by the Project, al a carte choice are available. Prices may subject to  change, please contact us to accurate pricing.

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By the Room

This pricing is based on a client focusing on redesign or renovation planning services for room by room services.

Starting Pricing Range: $1250*

Percentage of the Total Budget

This pricing is based on size and range of the project. Large projects with a lot of details and complexities will benefit from this package.

Starting Price range: 25%-35%

Renovations, Real Estate Staging (using our inventory), and Redesigns.

A shot of a clients bedroom decor

Real Estate Staging

Our Staging pricing is based on individual projects, determined by the number of rooms, furnishing pieces needed to complete the project, and project time frame. Our Elite furnishing and accessories will give the space a custom cozy look and feel, that will allow your clients to see the space in a decorated state that will give a "how the home can be lived in look and feel".

Starting Price Range: $1500

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