Administrative Service Pricing

All our services are quoted based on size, scope, complexity, and skills required to achieve our objectives. We provide different pricing options that will suit any budget. Your choice range from by the plan to by the project (al a carte).

Package Plans

 Bronze: 10-20 Hours $375.00

This plan consists of lite clerical support.

 Silver: 21-30 Hours $497.00

This plan consists of more diverse clerical support needs.

 Gold: 31-40 Hours $600.00

This plan consists of a more detailed and complex clerical support.

 Platinum: 41+ Hours $995.00

This plan consists of an complete scope and detailed administrative support along with schedule dedication.

Package Plans include: recorded time sheets to track progress, deadline timelines, and progress program plan.

Project Pricing (al a carte)

Some services are not listed, due to time and complexity. Those services are better suited for package plans.

Business Setup $75-$500

  • Business entity setup

  • Office Setup

Word Processing/Document Preparation $25

  • Business Letters

  • Memo’s

  • Resumes

Bookkeeping $45

Proofreading & Corrections $2.50 per page (10 page min.)

Website Design & Maintenance $475

Business Plan Summary’s $500

Desktop Publishing $75.00

  • Business Card

  • Flyers

  • Newsletters

Presentations $125

  • 7 slides

  • each additional slide $12.99